Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Neighborhood Party

We had a neighborhood party last weekend. It was a lot of fun to see neighbors and let the kids play. I did not take lots of great pictures so I am glad that Cassie took a few. Cassie and Dave's little boy, Taylor, is in the wagon with AnnaKate. We are lucky that he lives right across the street from us. We love walking with them a few days a week. He is so cute!

** Notice that AnnaKate is reading a Maisy book. It is an obsession!

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Cindy said...

Hey, that's not a bad obsession! Very cute!

Myssie said...

She is so cute!! Do you make her hairbows or where do you get them? They are just so cute!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Love to see what little AnnaKate is up to.

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Sorry - that was me who deleted a comment - I messed up!

Okay,came right home from the picnic today and searched for your blog - is that a little blog obsessive or what?!? I LOVE your design - very, very cute and I can't believe you did it yourself. I may have to pay you to change mine in the future!

It was great meeting you today and I enjoyed talking with you. How funny that we had so many fact, I've probably met or seen you before at GraceAnna's wedding, showers, etc.

If it's okay with you I'm going to add your blog to my list so I can remember to check in on sweet AnnaKate.

Have a great weekend!