Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's just a tooth...

While brushing AnnaKate's teeth last night, I noticed that one of her front teeth is loose! She fell about 6 or 7 months ago at school and hit it but it seemed to be fine. But after a brief talk with the nurse at the dentist's office, that fall may have sparked the tooth to become loose prematurely.

When I saw the loose tooth my stomach dropped for lots of reasons...
1. I hate loose teeth! Ask my students...they know not to show or tell me about any teeth issues.
2. Vanity...I really don't want AnnaKate to be snaggly toothed for the next few years.
3. Sadness... my baby really isn't a baby anymore.

I called my mom in a tizzy and she reminded me that I knocked out one of my baby teeth around a year old. This kind of put it into perspective that it is really just a tooth and that I needed to get over my issues since there was nothing I could do about it.

So now we are just waiting for this loose tooth to fall out...really it makes me sick to see it all loose and dangly. I better just get over this since AnnaKate has lots of teeth to loose!

**Side note: we are still dealing with our sleep issues but some progress is being made. I hope to have things back on track in the next few weeks. Lack of sleep is really the worst!

Do you have any good tooth stories to make me feel better?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting ready...

for an iPad.

The iPad has won over most people, but the special needs community is going crazy for it too. It is being used for all kinds of things but the one that is the most exciting for us is communication. There are tons of neat apps that you can buy to assist your child in communicating.

Our plan is to buy one for AnnaKate for Christmas (shh...don't tell her.) To prepare her we have been working on the iTouch practicing the basics. We are using iCommunicate and some fun apps that help her learn how to use the touch screen.

What apps do you suggest when we get the ipad?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A trip to the Children's Museum

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a trip to our local Children's Museum.
We all had a really great time!

AnnaKate loved the market exhibit.
She decorated a cake...


Picked out her own groceries...

A girl after my own heart...

One of her new favorite words is apple...

AnnaKate loves bananas.
I died laughing when I turned around and saw this...Yep, she is kissing the poster!

Isn't her apron cute!

Of course, she loved this horse.

A giant lite brite


She loved the electronic vending machine that taught you about healthy foods.

Water is always big fun!

But the most fun thing was the Garage Band exhibit. She could have made music all day!

We had such a fun day!

Thursday, September 16, 2010 does a body good!

I have come to the computer many times this past month to blog but I have walked away with nothing to publish. The start of school is always a tough time but something else just did not seem right. After a long look at things I realized that I have been exhausted!

Most of you know that AnnaKate started using a CPAP about a year ago. She was the model patient! She took to the CPAP with no issues and it became part of our normal life. This summer AnnaKate figured out how to take the mask off during the night. No big deal...I would just go in and put it back on her. This easy routine turned into a nasty bad habit which has created many sleepless nights in our house. We realized this week that we had been dealing with this for close to 3 months and we were not making any progress. I broke down and called the sleep specialist to enlist his help. AnnaKate had conditioned her body to wake during the night and she was not getting a full night's rest. So to break this conditioning she will take a sleeping aid for a month.

I know that this too shall pass, but goodness am I tired! Wonder if he wouldn't mind giving me a sleeping aid...