Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Magic of Fall!

Cooler air, new clothes, the smell of pumpkin spice, crunching name it-I love fall!

We had our celebratory fall dinner this week with the Parker's. Taylor and AnnaKate loved playing together but, as usual, Baxter, their dog, won out as AnnaKate's favorite. My favorite thing about the dinner was Cassie's amazing homemade rolls. She bakes all of her bread and these rolls were just divine. We dined on a beautiful apple mixed greens salad, butternut bisque, apple crisp and yummy homemade rolls.

The kids did a great job of sitting at the table with us. They loved drinking their soup out of bowls with straws.

Getting ready for dinner

Delicious kisses from Baxter

No party is complete until AnnaKate plays night-night. Taylor was not going to get stuck in the dark!

AnnaKate is developing by leaps and bounds. When you ask her, "How big are you?". This is the response you get. Also notice her "get up"...beads, purse, etc. This is how she went to the grocery store.

We are also having some big progress in the speech area. AnnaKate is imitating lots of words. I still question myself when I hear her say something, did I just hear that??? But it is not just me, her speech pathologist and teachers at school are hearing it too!!! I am so excited to see progress.

Marsha's son, Frank, came over for a little while on Saturday. AnnaKate loved playing with him. He is so good about making her laugh! Doesn't AnnaKate look like a big girl...
What are you going to do to celebrate the arrival of fall?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pip Squeak!

I just bought AnnaKate another pair of Wee Squeak shoes this week. She had a pair before she could walk independently and she liked them, but now that she is walking on her own she just loves hearing the little squeak. (The squeaker does get annoying so it can be removed!)

Here's what we have been up to...

Look who is helping mommy grade papers!

She is so cute!

**AnnaKate took a fall about 4 weeks ago and cut her is taking forever for the scar to heal. Maybe she should be scarface for Halloween....

A little time outside in the sand box now that the weather is getting a little cooler.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Fun

I am so anxious for fall! My neighbor brought over nearly a bushel of apples from a trip to the orchard, so I made a wonderful apple crisp tonight. The recipe was from one of my Everyday Food magazines. It is a great magazine...check it out online if you have not ever seen it.

I am enjoying trying a new lens for my camera...a 35mm 1.8 fixed. I have been tinkering with the aperture trying to get some better indoor shots minus the flash. I think these pictures of the apple crisp in-progress turned out quite nice.

This shot is just too good not to share. My mom just finished knitting the hat and sweater and I wanted to show her how cute it was on AnnaKate. It also showcases the greatness of the lens and the cuteness of AK!
AnnaKate and her cousin Ella taking a cruise in the Barbie jeep last weekend. They both had a ball!
Just in case you were wondering...Cindy is still around and doing fine! AnnaKate can do just about anything while wearing Cindy. She is tolerating the pressure of the machine for short periods in the eveing as well. I am really nervous about the sleep is going to be hard to expect her to go from testing out the machine to sleeping with it in one night.
Have a great weekend! I hope it feel like fall where ever you are...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

This and That!

Just another fun Saturday around here. I had a nice run this morning. The air is getting cooler and fall really does seem near. I loved having my butternut squash soup this week for lunch. Many of you asked for the recipe and I remembered that I blogged about the soup last fall when Cassie and I had our Welcome Fall dinner. As I looked back for the recipe in my blog archives I saw all the fun fall things that are just around the corner...Race for the Cure, Buddy Walk and pumpkin picking. Ahhh....I do love this time of year! (I am not in denial...I know that there are still some 90 degree days looming ahead.)

Today we did our Saturday errands and made our weekly trip to the Farmer's Market. We are trying to make every effort to buy local and organic if we can. A sweet lady gave AnnaKate a large chocolate sunflower while we were at the market. Isn't it beautiful!

AnnaKate is really getting good with imaginative play. We have lots of neat PlayMobil 123 play sets and she really likes them. Today she enjoyed putting the people night-night in the toy house. She also liked putting them on the toilet. (Those European toy makers have a strange sense of humor putting a toilet in a play house!)

We are making great progress in the area of Cindy the CPAP. AnnaKate still loves the mask and has even created her own sign for it. She asks for it and then signs that she loves it! I can't figure out why she loves it so much but I am not complaining. We have now started turning the machine on for 5 minute intervals. She does not love it but tolerates it well. I am really impressed at how she is doing. (But like the weather, I am not in denial...I know there will be hard nights ahead!)

Have a great Labor Day!