Monday, September 28, 2009

The Magic of Fall!

Cooler air, new clothes, the smell of pumpkin spice, crunching name it-I love fall!

We had our celebratory fall dinner this week with the Parker's. Taylor and AnnaKate loved playing together but, as usual, Baxter, their dog, won out as AnnaKate's favorite. My favorite thing about the dinner was Cassie's amazing homemade rolls. She bakes all of her bread and these rolls were just divine. We dined on a beautiful apple mixed greens salad, butternut bisque, apple crisp and yummy homemade rolls.

The kids did a great job of sitting at the table with us. They loved drinking their soup out of bowls with straws.

Getting ready for dinner

Delicious kisses from Baxter

No party is complete until AnnaKate plays night-night. Taylor was not going to get stuck in the dark!

AnnaKate is developing by leaps and bounds. When you ask her, "How big are you?". This is the response you get. Also notice her "get up"...beads, purse, etc. This is how she went to the grocery store.

We are also having some big progress in the speech area. AnnaKate is imitating lots of words. I still question myself when I hear her say something, did I just hear that??? But it is not just me, her speech pathologist and teachers at school are hearing it too!!! I am so excited to see progress.

Marsha's son, Frank, came over for a little while on Saturday. AnnaKate loved playing with him. He is so good about making her laugh! Doesn't AnnaKate look like a big girl...
What are you going to do to celebrate the arrival of fall?


Melissa said...

More great pictures!!! Love the top one. That isn't Felix is it? Is he still around?

Girlfrog said...

Great pictures! That dinner looks yummy, that's such a fun tradition with friends! AnnaKate is getting big! I love her "bag" for the store!

Jennifer said...

Well Kelly, I think I'll get wild and crazy this year and celebrate fall by sitting on my living room floor surrounded by diapers, wipes and smelly burp cloths...maybe I'll get REALLY crazy and order a pizza! :)

Your pictures are really good. You need to teach me some tricks because all I ever do is shoot on boring.

AnnaKate sounds like she is doing so well! She is a doll and I'm laughing at her "get up." Such a fashion diva!

Kristi said...

Wish we had a fall here. I really miss Fall. Florida stays hot and then gets cold for a month. Yucky. I'm so excited AnnaKate is saying words. It makes me hopeful for Noah.

Holly said...

adorable is what that AK is!

Anonymous said...

We had the best time with you all. Let's definitely start a spring tradition as well!


Cindy said...

Love love love your party. I need to come up with something when it finally cools off here (90s isn't cool enough to celebrate fall).

I'm so happy to hear how AK is doing! That's just wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

AK is sooo adorable. I just love her in the next to last picture on that post. And your photographs are lovely.

Anonymous said...

I have been so busy that I was actually two entries behind. So today I had to catch up on all the pictures. As I say I check your blog to get my AK "fix".

I know what I look forward to in the fall....Halloween treat bag shopping for Jake, Eli and AnnaKate. Just one more reason to buy fun stuff. Plus you know how I feel about matter what the season there is nothing better than a fresh Peep.

I am so looking forward to your blog pictures of "the Queen Bee".

And the next reason for fun shopping is CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Guess Who?

Anna said...

Great pictures! To celebrate fall, I have put out some fall decorations around our house. Also, next week I'm going on a field trip with Weston to the pumpkin patch, where we will pick out pumpkins and hopefully a mum, too! And finally, soon I will start making chili by the crockpot load. I LOVE fall!