Sunday, June 28, 2009

Momma's Vacation

I had the most amazing trip to Cocoa Beach. Our Momma's Vacation was a wonderful experience. Christine, Jessica, Kelly F., Myssie and I connected through our blogs about our RTS children but the connection runs so much deeper. We had no idea how much we would have in common, how similar our personalities would be or how our outlook on RTS would be the same. We laughed so much and cried too. I feel so lucky to have these special women in my life!

Kelly W., Jessica, Myssie, Kelly F., and Christine
Enjoying a cold beverage on the beach...Jessica is proudly displaying her water!!

Kelly F. Celebrated her birthday on Friday. We had a candle for each meal...who knew that the entire bar would sing to her!!
A perfect day on the beach!
Kelly W. and Myssie

Our favorite drink... A Pain in the A**
The Kelly's
We had been dreaming of sand in our toes!
This is the gift I had made for us. I wanted something that would be a constant reminder of our bond. It is a key chain with the title of the poem, Welcome to Holland, engraved on it. Each key chain has a pearl and a crystal with the birthstone of their RTS sweetie. I loved how they turned out! I had it made from a lady on Etsy, 3 Sweet Peas Jewelry.
It was just an awesome weekend! I can't wait until I see my friends again. Check out their blogs to see more pictures.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Have you heard?

Have you heard that bright an early on Thursday morning I am flying to Cocoa Beach, Florida to meet up with 4 other blogging moms who have children with RTS? We already have a sister-like connection. I know this meeting with be filled with laughs and tears. I am leaving Billy and AnnaKate at home to watch as much tv as they want and play all day. I will miss them but I am so excited to meet Jessica, Myssie, Kelly F. and Christine.

I am taking my computer so I can maybe blog while I am there. I am sure we will take some great pictures!

Here are the presents I am taking with me to give my girls! I can't wait for them to see what is inside.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beach Vacation

We had the most fun at the beach last week! It was the most relaxing trip with AnnaKate yet. I think that has to do with her age. She loved the water and especially loved having someone to play with at all times!

For the most part of the week we had 11 people and a few more came in for the weekend. I love being able to spend such quality time with family. My step brother, Brian, even came in from Boston.
AnnaKate thought it was funny to feed her granddaddy cashews.

The cousins playing in the sand.
Leah Grace is so sweet to AnnaKate.

AnnaKate loved playing "Where did your feet go?"

AnnaKate with her great grandfather, Kinney.
AnnaKate's great-grandmother, Wilma, loved letting AnnaKate take a cat nap with her.
Jake was reliving some old times with one of his toys.
AnnaKate walked all over the place! I think it was because the house had so much room to move and everyone encouraged her to walk instead of crawl. She really started to get that walking is much easier than crawling.
AnnaKate and Kinney do love each other.
Putting on Daddy's shoes at the beach.
This is what AnnaKate really looked like all week. We could not keep her out of the water!!

She loved watching movies in the car...who wouldn't?? The life...
We were so lucky to be able to spend the week away with family. I already can't wait until next year!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 8, 2009


It is truly time to celebrate!!

*School is out for summer! I love my job but I really love summer! I will be out until mid-August. We have lots of fun plans and I have some projects in mind. AnnaKate has school for 6 weeks during the summer. We were home together on Friday and it was interesting. She was really whiny, I guess because she is used to being around other kids all the time. It is good for both of us that she has school.
Now that I have more time...I hope to blog a little more. I am coming up on my 100th post and I am planning a "Give Away" for my loyal readers!! :)

*My birthday was May 31st. I always get teased about celebrating the whole month. We did party a lot last week and I have another little get together this week. I am fortunate to share my birthday with my grandmother, Wilma. Here is a picture of us right before we blew out our candles. Doesn't she look amazing...she is 84!!!

Billy and I

AnnaKate was sick on my birthday with a random high fever. We gave her Motrin and she was fine. Here is some evidence that she did not feel too bad...My neighbor, Cassie, and I had a little neighborhood Ice Cream social this weekend in our backyard. We enjoyed yummy homemade ice cream and talking with neighbors. Of course, AnnaKate and Taylor had a great time playing together. Cassie has some more pictures on her blog. Check them out!

We are looking forward to heading to the beach next week and then I am really looking forward to my RTS Momma's Vacation. Girls...are you packed yet???