Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gymnastics Girl!

AnnaKate participates in an awesome Special Olympics Young Athletes Gymnastics class each week. She adores “tics”, (that is what she calls it.) She has made amazing progress and absolutely loves every minute of it.

Here is a video of her showing off some of her skills…



She just did a somersault on the soft balance beam…WOW!


Check out her assisted handstand…


Working with Mrs. Penny to flip on the bar.


We are so lucky to have such a neat program in our community.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

AnnaKate’s 6th Bunny Birthday

It is hard to believe that our sweet angel is 6 years old. When we brought her home from the hospital 6 years ago it was a beautiful sunny day just like the day of her birthday party this weekend.
I love a good theme and some may say I love them too much!

AnnaKate’s birthday party was the day before Easter so I went with a chocolate bunny theme.
annakate bunny invite-p001

The Decorations

*Bunny painting by a super sweet friend.
*Party package from Totful Memories



The Yummy Food
To do something a little different I decided to do my usual sweets and a box lunch for our picnic lunch.

A beautiful bunny cake…


That never made it to the party!!! Unfortunately, the bunny got a big head from all my ohhing and ahhing over her and her head fell off!!!! Oh well…I just made do and put a ceramic bunny on the cake for the party. I sure am glad I had pictures!


Chocolate bunnies


Bunny Brownie Bites


Bunny cookies for favors


The Table


The Boxed Lunches

Little Bunny Lunches: Rabbit shaped PB&J with a marshmallow tail, carrots and cheddar bunny crackers.

Big Bunny Lunches: Chicken salad croissant, fruit cup and chips.


One of my favorite parts was having everyone picnic on quilts.

Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 22Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 24

Egg Hunt

At the beginning of the party, the guests decorated a bag for the Egg Hunt.




Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 43Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 44Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 45Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 47



Of course to complete our theme we had to have a bunny!! The kids loved him.


The MOST special part of the party…the GUESTS!

DSC_0506DSC_0525DSC_0529DSC_0533DSC_0535DSC_0568DSC_0582DSC_0586DSC_0589DSC_0618DSC_0621Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 21Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 28Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 34Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 41Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 53Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 59Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 61Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 63Anna-Kate's 6th Birthday 69DSC_0623


We had a wonderful party thanks to all of our special friends and family who came. It made AnnaKate feel so special and that is what we wanted!