Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girl's Weekend 2010

This wasn't just any girl's weekend. Myssie, Jessica and I met through blogging about our children and last year we met for the first time and our friendship grew from there. We met this year in the south and spent the weekend at my parent's mountain home.

We did lots of this....

Took a fun hike...

to a beautiful waterfall.

Sweet Jessica brought us a perfect picture frame for a group shot.

The annual foot shot

We went to the Cheesecake Factory and ate some delicious....uhhmmm...cheesecake!!

I feel so lucky to have such special friends that just get it. We can talk about anything and I feel so safe with them.
Until next time my sweet friends!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wacky Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation 2010

We just got back from a wonderful family beach vacation. Here is my list of favorite things about our trip!

FAMILY TIME: We were able to spend tons of family time together at the beach, eating, swimming, relaxing, laughing and just being together. One of my mom's oldest friends, Betsy, goes with us too. What a fun crew!!

SPECIAL TIME WITH KINNEY AND WILMA: We were all so excited that granddaddy was well enough to come to the beach. I love having time just to sit and visit and AnnaKate really loves all the one on one time she got!

PLAYING WITH COUSINS: AnnaKate loves her cousins. I think she feels like she finally has the older brothers that she so desperately needs. It was fun to always have someone around to play with!

SEEING JESSICA: AnnaKate and I were able to go to the beach a few days early and visit with Jessica from a New Kind of Normal. Alex is one of AnnaKate's RTS brothers. It was so much fun...I just wish it was for longer!

BEACH: What fun we had going to the beach each day! AnnaKate loves the ocean and the sand. I really think she could stay out all day long.

So stylish...even on the beach!

One day they evacuated the water due to an alligator in the ocean. The wildlife rescue people took hours but they finally captured that lost little guy!

FOOD: In my book, vacation is a lot about the great food and we ate a lot of it!! We went out to eat a few times to great local restaurants and cooked in some. My favorite dinner was at Horry's...I really think I just liked the dessert the best! 16 layer cake...yes, 16 layers!

Whew...AnnaKate and I were gone 11 days! We feel so blessed to have been able to take such a wonderful vacation with such great people!

We can't wait for next year!!