Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Sunday Drive

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Helper

AnnaKate loves to help! As we vacuumed and mopped the house today she was right underfoot wanting to do it all. Every night she pulls up a chair and helps me cook dinner. I love it that she is interested in what we are doing. Her Lou-Lou gave her a cute apron today so I had to put on my apron as we cooked. She thought that was pretty funny!

I chopped the sweet potatoes and she put them on the pan.

She is so proud of her work...she gave herself a round of applause!

Stirring it up!Billy was outside grilling and AnnaKate made her way out to help. When she saw he was sweeping she had to come in and get her broom.

How proud does she look?

I am so proud of all that AnnaKate is doing. She is learning and growing so much everyday!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bad blogger...

Well, the winter blahs set in and my motivation for blogging fell to the wayside for a while. Sorry...

We have had a little winter weather around here which makes for great pictures. The first storm was a few inches of sleet. None of us really enjoyed that. This weekend we had some great snow. We enjoyed getting out, sledding and walking around the neighborhood. It was fun to see our neighbors, Cassie, Taylor and Dave too.

AnnaKate is doing great things these days. She loves to do anything I do. Cook, wash dishes, vacuum, put on make-up, you name it! I love watching her grow and develop. Special needs children make you really appreciate each milestone and find the joy in the smallest accomplishments.

A bit of bad news has stuck close to home, my dear sweet granddaddy has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He is such a strong, vivacious man and I pray that he can remain that way during his treatment. Please keep him in your prayers.

Can't you tell that AnnaKate loves her "Kinney".

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