Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Three day weekends are so fabulous even with a terrible cold. I had a horrible cold this weekend but I managed to sneak in some naps in between our fun.

I was so pleased to see so many people flying flags this Memorial Day weekend and posting on Facebook about thankfulness to those that have served our country. Billy is a veteran of the first Gulf War, my grandmother was an army nurse in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed and grandparents on both sides of our family fought for our country. I am so glad we have a day set aside to remember all that these people have done for us to have the privileged lives that we have today. Happy Memorial Day!

On Saturday night, we celebrated May birthdays with Billy's side of the family. We had such a great dinner and enjoyed being together. AnnaKate got her "Lou-Lou" fix and loved being with her cousins. Billy's mom, Lou-Lou, has this Robot dog that AnnaKate just loves. Here she is playing with it.

On Sunday, we went to my dad's to cook-out and swim. We could not believe that AnnaKate remembered the pool from last summer. She walked right over to the gate and pointed at it with longing in her eyes. But once we put her feet into the chilly water she thought twice about swimming in May. Hopefully, the water will warm up soon. She did enjoy the water table and baby pool.

Oops...too chilly!
Check out her little Crocs...
AnnaKate was not too sure about the watermelon. That's ok...I had a plan for the leftovers!!

Last weekend, Billy and I went to the neatest Mojito bar. Billy had the most wonderful melon mojito and I knew that I was going to have to work hard to try and imitate it. We gathered up all the ingredients and had a taste test tonight. It was just as wonderful or maybe even better than the one at the Latin bar. So I will share my recipe with you. A perfect end to a wonderful weekend!

Melon Mojito

4 lime wedges
5 mint leaves
1/2 ounce simple syrup

Muddle these ingredients in a shaker

1 ounce watermelon puree (strained)
3 ounces Bacardi Grand Melon rum


Pour into an iced glass (with sugar rim if you desire), and top with bubbly (club soda, Sprite or Sierra Mist)
Garnish with lime and mint
Enjoy the taste of summer!

Have a great week! Only 8 days of school left.....ahhh........

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


AnnaKate has really shown an interest in learning new signs lately. For a while the only signs she had was yes, more and all done. She added night-night, I love you and bath just recently.She is picking them up so fast! She signs bath all the time. I think she would take a bath all the time but I also think it is fun for her to sign because she knows that she is communicating with us. Here is a video of her signing bath.

Each afternoon when we get home, AnnaKate and her daddy go swing. About a mile from our house she starts saying "da-da" and when we get home she is about to bust she is so excited. We started to use the sign for swing and within minutes she picked it up.

I am so excited about AnnaKate's eagerness to communicate!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rebecca's Birthday Party

AnnaKate and I went to Rebecca's birthday party on Saturday at Pump It Up. AnnaKate had never been in an inflatable jump house before so I was anxious to see what she thought. She really liked it!
Those bouncy things really take it out of you...I was exhausted!

"This is so much fun!!"
My sweet friend Carrie and Rebecca. Unfortunately, Rebecca did not want to jump at her party. Two year olds can be so unpredictable!!!
AnnaKate looks like such a big girl waiting to have her picture taken.
Carrie's niece, Sierra, was so sweet to jump with AnnaKate.
Carrie's husband, Hoke, took AnnaKate down the big slide. (I was too scared!) AnnaKate shook like a leaf afterwards but asked for more!!!

Thanks for inviting us to your party Rebecca! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strawberry Picking

*Sorry I have been blogless for a while. I teach this is my busy season. Soon I will be free!!

AnnaKate went with her class strawberry picking today. I could not go but my mom went and took great pictures. AnnaKate learned quickly that she could pop a strawberry off the vine, squish it in her hands and eat it! Yummy!!

*Did anyone notice that AnnaKate has 2 bows in her hair. No one knows why...Billy swears he did not do that???

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Walking and Whining....

AnnaKate and Billy taking a nap in the hammock. Yes...Billy's leg is still healing. This has been a long process for him and he is ready for it to be over! me too...


AnnaKate is walking a lot more now. I hoped to have a video a few days ago, but when you read the next paragraph you will know why I can't get one. She can walk down a hall independently but still does not feel so sure about herself. So she crawls most of the time unless we specifically ask her to walk and coax her a bit. But I see a light at the end of the tunnel!!


Jessica has posted before about how she can handle RTS but when you add something else into the mix, like sickness, it is just too much. That is kind of where I am right now. AnnaKate has hit the "terrible three's". I can handle things most days but the whining and tantrums have added a new dynamic that is just too much for me. She throws toys, food, cups, you name it. She whines constantly about everything. Pick her up, she wants down, give her a toy then she wants something else. AnnaKate has always been such a sweet, loving, personable child and now she does not even act like her self. At first I thought she was sick (I still have not ruled that out...) but after talking to other parents and her teachers I think it is just her experimenting with her independence. She is having difficulty communicating her wants so I know that is an area of frustration. She is picking up signs so much faster now so hopefully that will help. I also don't want to give in to her as I know this will create a monster. Ugh...I do not like this!!! Please send my sweet AK back....

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (I found myself wanting to have a drink at 10:00am hurry with your advice!)

Update...some evidence today suggests that AK may have had a bug the last few days. She was much better behaved this afternoon...maybe there is hope. :)