Tuesday, May 19, 2009


AnnaKate has really shown an interest in learning new signs lately. For a while the only signs she had was yes, more and all done. She added night-night, I love you and bath just recently.She is picking them up so fast! She signs bath all the time. I think she would take a bath all the time but I also think it is fun for her to sign because she knows that she is communicating with us. Here is a video of her signing bath.


Each afternoon when we get home, AnnaKate and her daddy go swing. About a mile from our house she starts saying "da-da" and when we get home she is about to bust she is so excited. We started to use the sign for swing and within minutes she picked it up.


I am so excited about AnnaKate's eagerness to communicate!!


Girlfrog said...

That is so exciting for all of you! (She is just so darn cute.) It must be a relief to her to be able to communicate effectively with you. I know I've said it before but she is so blessed to have you as parents!

Anna said...

How wonderful! It is so exciting to see her communicating and her face is just lighting up as she does it...it obviously makes her feel so HAPPY! And I know it makes you extremely happy, too! Keep posting the signing videos - I love them!!!

Holly said...

Hooray for AK, and Kelly and Billy! Can't wait to see her. We will be there before you know it!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I have been having a day from hell, and this actually made me smile!
Good job AK!!!

Anonymous said...

I always say watching AK is better than TV for me. This coming from a TV-aholic. Now with the videos it really is like watching TV.

No matter what kind of day I'm having she always makes me smile.

Guess Who??

I wish you'd blog something new every day with new videos & pictures. You ought to see me when I check & there is nothing new...dejection.

The Green Family said...

I love it! She is doing so well! And she looks like she is growing up so quickly! We miss her in our class! It's so neat to see her in the afternoons! Her and Brady and always sitting next to each other at school. He loves her!

Jacqui said...

Those video clips are just brilliant. She is doing so well. You must be LOVING this communication. Hears to lots more signs and lots more communication.

Cindy said...

Great job, AK! You're signing and talking really well! And we LOVE your smile!

Anonymous said...

This is the BEST! I love how excited she is when she makes the sign and YOU "get it!" So proud.
LOVED seeing you last night! You recharged my battery. :)
Love ya, mean it.

The Parkers said...

She is doing so well with her signing. I love how excited she gets when she knows that you know she wants to take a bath. Such a cutie patootie!

Imse said...

Wow AK i so clever!
I guess she loves to bath too?
My Hannah do not sign bath yet, but som recognise the sign. She loves to bath!

Kelly said...

Loved these videos! Great signing AK! Max does the same "excitement shiver" in the bath video! Too funny! Kelly F