Monday, June 8, 2009


It is truly time to celebrate!!

*School is out for summer! I love my job but I really love summer! I will be out until mid-August. We have lots of fun plans and I have some projects in mind. AnnaKate has school for 6 weeks during the summer. We were home together on Friday and it was interesting. She was really whiny, I guess because she is used to being around other kids all the time. It is good for both of us that she has school.
Now that I have more time...I hope to blog a little more. I am coming up on my 100th post and I am planning a "Give Away" for my loyal readers!! :)

*My birthday was May 31st. I always get teased about celebrating the whole month. We did party a lot last week and I have another little get together this week. I am fortunate to share my birthday with my grandmother, Wilma. Here is a picture of us right before we blew out our candles. Doesn't she look amazing...she is 84!!!

Billy and I

AnnaKate was sick on my birthday with a random high fever. We gave her Motrin and she was fine. Here is some evidence that she did not feel too bad...My neighbor, Cassie, and I had a little neighborhood Ice Cream social this weekend in our backyard. We enjoyed yummy homemade ice cream and talking with neighbors. Of course, AnnaKate and Taylor had a great time playing together. Cassie has some more pictures on her blog. Check them out!

We are looking forward to heading to the beach next week and then I am really looking forward to my RTS Momma's Vacation. Girls...are you packed yet???


Little Dickens Designs said...

Are you a teacher? If it makes you feel any better, I'm a mom of a 7yo (soon to be 2nd grader) and a 4yo (who will not be in preschool this summer) and I am so excited to have my boys home! I just love not having a rigid schedule for a few months.

I love your blog. It's so pretty. If you get a chance to stop by mine I have some lists of TV-Free activities for the kids this summer.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im am not packed, but I have my pedicure on the calendar, and my hair appt, so I can look as cute as this big girl can:)
Im so excited.

Terri H-E said...

Congrats and happy birthday! I am so jealous of you all going on the RTS mama's getaway. Take pics and raise your glass to those that wish they were there!

I love my time in the summer with my ladies, too. But Addie does get a bit off when her routine is extracted from her day... so we have come up with a new summer routine. Spontaneity fits in, but better after something she can count on. And yes, we need to get her in the middle of a bunch of kids as much as possible!

take care and have a great summer!

Myssie said...

technically, I am packed! but not in my suitcase! Hehehehe!!! I am looking forward to it! I can't wait!

ps. we will be celebrating Kelly F.'s birthday on Friday while we are in FL, be thinking of what we can do!!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday! And have a great time in FL...I'll be thinking of you and the other "sisters"...

Girlfrog said...

So glad you are off- I hope to see you later in the summer!!. I meant to call you back today but the day got away from me. I'll try you tomorrow!

By the way Wilma looks truly amazing and I'm excited to see what your give away is

David Parker said...

We had such a great time at the social. You may find us randomly in your backyard at your water table. Taylor loved it!! Oh, we may be in the play house too. Clearly Taylor and AnnaKate make cute little housemates.

Tarah said...

Your grandma does look great! Happy Birthday. Have a blast at your get together, I'm totally jealous!

Christine said...

I've got the suitcase out and am scoping out a new swimsuit!! Woohoo! I' can't wait. Only 16 more sleeps and a 14 hour plane ride.