Saturday, September 5, 2009

This and That!

Just another fun Saturday around here. I had a nice run this morning. The air is getting cooler and fall really does seem near. I loved having my butternut squash soup this week for lunch. Many of you asked for the recipe and I remembered that I blogged about the soup last fall when Cassie and I had our Welcome Fall dinner. As I looked back for the recipe in my blog archives I saw all the fun fall things that are just around the corner...Race for the Cure, Buddy Walk and pumpkin picking. Ahhh....I do love this time of year! (I am not in denial...I know that there are still some 90 degree days looming ahead.)

Today we did our Saturday errands and made our weekly trip to the Farmer's Market. We are trying to make every effort to buy local and organic if we can. A sweet lady gave AnnaKate a large chocolate sunflower while we were at the market. Isn't it beautiful!

AnnaKate is really getting good with imaginative play. We have lots of neat PlayMobil 123 play sets and she really likes them. Today she enjoyed putting the people night-night in the toy house. She also liked putting them on the toilet. (Those European toy makers have a strange sense of humor putting a toilet in a play house!)

We are making great progress in the area of Cindy the CPAP. AnnaKate still loves the mask and has even created her own sign for it. She asks for it and then signs that she loves it! I can't figure out why she loves it so much but I am not complaining. We have now started turning the machine on for 5 minute intervals. She does not love it but tolerates it well. I am really impressed at how she is doing. (But like the weather, I am not in denial...I know there will be hard nights ahead!)

Have a great Labor Day!


Girlfrog said...

We are having a early taste of fall too, I love it! In fact Grace convinced me to buy her a cute pair of boots when we went shopping and now she is ready for fall too.. if only so that she can wear her boots!

I have this great book that follows a town through the seasons and in it one of the cutouts of a house shows a bathroom. In one of the scenes there is a little girl on the toilet. This makes me children giggle so much! (it's a European book too!)

Melissa said...

I just realized that you named the CPAP. I thought you were showing someone named Cindy the CPAP on Facebook. Yep, blonde from birth here. I hope AK continues to adjust to the machine.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

she is just amazing! Alex would HATE IT!
I love the imaginative play! Keep impressing me AK!

Jacqui said...

AK is really doing so well. Lovely to see the imaginative play. She is really blossoming under your warmth, care and parenting! And I am amazed to see how well she is responding to the CPAP mask!!

Kelly said...

AK looks so big playing with the doll house! I think you have motivated me to get a run in today. Kelly F

Anonymous said...

Only two more weeks of summer left! That means that we need to plan another fall dinner! Last year was so much fun. We hope that you are all enjoying your Labor Day weekend. See you for our walk tonight!


Holly said...

What a big girl. She just continues to be amazing.

Anonymous said...

When you were on your blog break I got used to no new AK pictures so I was pleasantly surprised to have to catch up on three episodes today. The pictures with "Cindy" are crazy. I know I would have troubl getting used to that apparatus myself. But our AK is a constant surprise.
Keep up with the blogging so I can get my AK fix as often as possible.

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