Friday, June 6, 2008

First Day of Summer!!

Wow...we had such a busy first day of summer! Here's a recap...

6:33am- The princess wakes...much better than the 5:30am wake up the day before. So much for sleeping in on the first day of summer.

9:00am- Meyer Center Family Picnic
We were so excited to go to our first Meyer Center Family Picnic. It was such a great event...very balmy, spring like weather! NOT!!! It was already 85 degrees by 9:00 am. It was fun to see AnnaKate’s teachers and therapists (We missed you Melissa). Another neat thing that happened was that I got to meet some of the other parents that have children at the Meyer Center. Some of them I already feel like I know since I read their blogs. AnnaKate did not want to eat much of the delicious food but she did really enjoy the cake. What princess does not like to eat cake! We had such an enjoyable time and look forward to more Meyer Center family events.

AnnaKate and her wonderful teacher, Diane.

AnnaKate enjoying the playground.

AnnaKate and Robbin! They love each other!

Wendy, AnnaKate's speech therapist while Melissa is home with Will

2:00pm- My weigh-in....I have lost 17 pounds!!! WOW---Bermuda here we come!

3:30pm- AnnaKate's hair appointment
I believe this was AnnaKate's fourth haircut. She has so much hair and we have to keep it neat and tidy. Charla, who cuts my hair, loves to have AnnaKate come to the salon. AnnaKate is always good when she gets her haircut but today she was really funny. She loved the hair dryer! Check out these silly pictures.

4:00pm- Off to my mom's house. She has been diligently working on making AnnaKate some really cute shorts with a ruffle at the hem. She is a perfectionist so she can't quit until they are just right. I think she has made 4 pairs of shorts in the past few days. Thanks TT!

5:30pm- Come home, we both kiss Billy and he heads off to go out with a friend.

7:00pm- Princess goes to bed.

8:00pm- I fall asleep on the couch watching my recorded Top Chef.

Whew---what a day! I sure hope my summer slows down a little :)

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Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I love the hair salon pictures. She is a princess!!

Ok, what program are you on, I need to lose about 30 pounds! I was doing good when we were in the NICU, and lost a ton of weight, now I have gained a ton more, I call it syndrome weight.:)

hollyinmd said...

Yay Kelly! I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to see you both!`

Jacqui and Lloyd said...

Hi there
I found your blog through Jessica's. My name is Jacqui and we have also made a blog for our son Matthew. He also has RTS. We live in South Africa but have enjoyed meeting other families on the same journey as us over the internet.
It is so good to meet AnnaKate. I LOVED the photo of her having her hair blowed dried - I laughed out loud!!! Our blog address is