Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another great day

We had another great day today! We went to Finn's 2nd birthday party. Check out the pictures...GraceAnna does an amazing job with parties. It was a Choo-Choo theme...complete with a little train that went up and down the street!! It was so much fun. Happy Birthday Finn!

AnnaKate and the birthday boy

The cool table setting

The awesome cake

Let's ride the train

Happy Birthday to Finn!

After we left the birthday party, we went to the pool to cool off. AnnaKate liked the water last year but she LOVES it this year.

AnnaKate and Aunt Ash

It is off to bed for more adventures tomorrow!

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Mark and Melissa said...

You are really good at blogging Kelly. It took me months to figure out how to do a video. AnnaKate looks so cute in the pool. I would love to see pictures of AnnaKate's party...and the cake you made. Have fun in DC!

Cindy said...

I love the video of AnnaKate splashing...looks just like Natalie. :) She's pretty excited it's finally getting warm enough for the pool!

Jennifer said...

Okay seriously, GraceAnna took that birthday party to the limit...of course, that's what those Baker girls do! :) How fun and I'm sure AnnaKate had a ball!

Amanda said...

So no more nasty comments left about you on a public forum, huh? Jk! You inspired me to start my blog! Hope you two had fun in the Capital City! Give AnnaKate a kiss for me!