Sunday, June 1, 2008

Books, Books and MORE Books

In some of the things I have read about RTS children it says that they love books. I am unsure how a syndrome can make you love books? (maybe I have a syndrome and that is why I love ice cream...)But AnnaKate does ADORE books. She always has. Of course, a Maisy book was the first one she came to love. But now we have so many books that she just can't get enough of. We have a VTech electronic nursery rhyme book that has been in her "library" since her first Christmas (thanks Lou-Lou and grandaddy)We have a Winnie the Pooh electronic book that is equally important. Board books, small books, big books, paperback books, whatever...books are a hit at our house. But we have not had a book become so important until her second birthday when Barbara gave her the book, Love From My Heart. Thank goodness a sticker on the front of this electronic book says, "Free Batteries". We have had this book for 6 weeks and have gone through 3 sets of batteries. (Actually the batteries aren't free because you have to pay shipping...) AnnaKate loves this book. She constantly sits in front of her mirror and flips the pages, puts it on her head, puts it up to her ear like a boom box and even hugs it! I took this picture of AnnaKate this morning, sitting in front of her beloved mirror with her beloved book! :)So mark it down...another RTS child loves books!!

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Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Yes, and I have a syndrome because I love to garden.
I love that she likes to sit in front of the mirror, with her books.