Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home Again...Home Again!

Whew---I am glad to be home. We have been gone so much the last two weeks. We had a blast at the beach! The weather was perfect. It was fun to be with family and relax. We were able to stay on the beach a good bit each day--and everyone was happy! AnnaKate adored the water. All she wanted to do was play in the surf, jump and splash. We did take an inflatable pool to the beach with us which kept her entertained. Enjoy the pictures!

Maisy was big help with the 4 hour trip! Check out all of the stuff piled around her...

AnnaKate loved crawling in the sand.

What excitement!

Such a pretty girl.

I love this!


Mommy and me

The pool was a big hit!

I feel so lucky that we were able to have such a fun vacation. Milestone alert---we did not have to seek out a doctor or urgent care on either trip!! Baby girl is growing up!! :)

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The Parkers said...

I just love how she can keep a bow in her hair on a windy beach! Amazing!! You can tell that she had a BLAST. What great shots of her!

Amanda said...

Hey! Those pics of AnnaKate are so cute! She obviously loved going to the beach! Glad you guys had a great trip.

Cindy said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the beach. I see Natalie's expressions so often in AnnaKate's delight of the water. Your car looks like ours when we travel!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I love the picture with the sun on her face, she is truly adorable!
What a nice trip.

Holly said...

We are so glad you're back! Missed you! tell me what it is like not to have to go to the Dr on vacation??
Jackson was still asking about AK this morning as if she was going to pop up from downstairs any minute!

Lori said...

Great pics! Looks like AK had a blast! I'm so glad you guys had fun and I'm going to have to steal your idea about the inflatable pool next year! Let's get the girls together to play soon.