Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do you coupon?

**This blog may be boring to just skip today's post if you are not interested! :)

In our house "couponing" is HOT! I have always love couponing but my friend, Cassie, really turned me on to the "new" couponing. The "new" couponing is matching sales with coupons and taking advantage of store rewards. In the past this was very time consuming but now it is pretty easy. There are tons of blogs to use to get you going. Here are some of my favorites...
The Thrifty Mama
Money Saving Mom
Southern Savers

Grocery Deals
We shop on Sundays so I have to tell you about my deals today. I plan my trip out according to the BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) and the matching coupons. I use my websites to help me match up coupons and find online coupons. I only buy things that we need. I try not to get in the habit of buying because it is a good deal...we must use it! We only shop at Publix and Costco. I love Publix because of the Customer Service and I love Costco because they send out coupons.

Last week at Publix, we spent $92.28 and saved $49.30. (By the way, I was bummed that I did not reach $50.00)

This week we spent $75.86 and saved $47.79.

I try to only buy things when they are BOGO so we really stock up. Check out the stock pile in the basement.

I have also been doing the Walgreens and CVS "game". Buying items to get their rewards. Lots of the items are free. It is a little more involved than straight couponing. Thrify Mama is doing a month long CVS series on how to do it. Each week she tells you what to buy so you get the most Extra Care Bucks. It is a little against my plan of buying only what you need. You have to buy some things you don't use because they are free after coupons and extra care bucks-some are even money makers. Today I went to CVS armed with my print out from Thrifty Mama. I did two transactions and my OOP (lingo for "out of pocket") was only $5.09. I bought $51.22 worth of stuff!!! I received $27.74 in extra care bucks to use at CVS. The store manager checked me out and gave me a high-five! It was so much fun! I also have $9.99 in mail-in rebates as well. Here is my CVS purchase...

**No one in our house uses Just For Men hair color or Pert but these items were money makers. I think I will donate them to church for their Interfaith mission.

I have really enjoyed getting into this couponing. It is a little time consuming but a lot of fun. You should try it!

Oh is a cute picture of AnnaKate from this weekend! That is probably why you came to the blog anyway.

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Tamara said...

I had no idea that couponing was such a science. You have gotten me interested. I will definitely need your help, though. The pictures of Anna Kate are absolutely beautiful! She is growing up so fast.

Melissa said...

I love the disclaimer about the Just for Men, did Billy make sure you said something? If only I had a basement/pantry/any storage at all then I could stock pile my deals. Oh well, maybe in my next house. AnnaKate looks adorable.

Girlfrog said...

I'm not a coupon collector but hearing all that you are saving makes me think that maybe I should be. Thanks for the tips!

The Green Family said...

That picture is so cute of AnnaKate. She must be excited about all the money you saved! I have starting couponing myself. Its actually pretty exciting to see the savings. I haven't tried CVS yet, its a little intimidating.

Lori said...

I'm in!!! I'm really going to try this- especially now since I have no more paychecks! :( BTW- LOVE the pic of AnnaKate! She is getting to be a "big girl!"

Myssie said...

I love me some coupons!! I have a closet that is my "CVS Closet" with all of my CVS Loot! I let my sisters (college students) go "shopping" when they come over. They are thrilled and I feel good because I am helping them out.

Coupons are HOT!! ;-)

Kelly said...

I would give you a high five too! I need to figure out couponing!

Jenny said...

It sounds like you are really getting into the groove of saving. I love getting a shopping high after saving so much. And having the store manager or even regular cashier say something makes it even better!! Great work!

Brooke said...

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