Thursday, August 7, 2008

"What's going on with AnnaKate?"

Well, I have fallen down on my blogging purpose. Someone asked me the other day, "What's going on with AnnaKate? Not very many pictures or posts about her lately." So today I am going to catch you up!

Tonsillectomy Dilemma
We are having the tonsillectomy in September. The sleep study gave us the data we needed to move forward with the surgery. The doctor prefers to wait until the kids are a little older but in her case it really needs to be done. Lots of RTS moms have told me that we can expect lots of great changes...better quality of sleep, happier child(can she get happier?:), and even better eating. I will let you know when we get it scheduled.

Big girl is doing much better! I think the new tubes have made a world of difference. She is not as picky and is loving feeding herself with a spoon. I am still reading the Food Chaining book and I am trying some different thing to get her to broaden her food choices. Yesterday she liked dipping her bunny grahams into pudding.

It is amazing to look back over the last 18 months that we have been doing therapy. AnnaKate has progressed so much. I noticed when we got back from her trip that she is doing lots of new things that we have not taught her. This is HUGE! We work so hard to teach her something that when she discovers things on her own I just love it! One of her favorite things do play with is the shape sorter. She is really good at this! I highly recommend this toy. I bought it from Beyond Play.

She also loves to stack things. My mom gave her these neat magnetic stacking bugs by Lamaze. I also recommend this toy.

She is still working really hard on learning to walk. I am hoping she will be walking by the fall but the tonsillectomy will probably set that back a little...which is fine. She loves the Radio Flyer Walker Wagon. She practice outside today and went all the way down the driveway.

AnnaKate is getting all of her therapies at The Meyer Center but she does have an Early Interventionist work with her once a week. AnnaKate loves Mrs. Ashley and that big bag full of toys.

We have had a great summer together. School will be starting in a little over a week. I enjoy getting back into my routine but I will miss being with AnnaKate all day.

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Cindy said...

What a big girl AnnaKate is! She's really doing a lot of fun things. Thanks for the update...Natalie likes seeing her!

Girlfrog said...

What a blessing to have such a happy little girl. Isn't it amazing to watch them grow and develop? She's beautiful.

Myssie said...

She is doing GREAT!! What a big girl!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I cant wait for this to be my post. She is doing so great! Have I mentioned how absolutely adorable she is.

Ken said...

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Anne said...

Way to go, AnnaKate!

Also? AnnaKate's bedding, the green toile and the white waffle-ly fabric? It's *exactly the same* as the fabric in Jack's bedroom.

And his bedding was originally made for the twins' nursery, so Kit and Jack's cribs looked a lot like AnnaKate's. I need to find a photo to show you.