Thursday, August 21, 2008

25 Interesting Things about ME Jennifer did it first and then Melissa did it. This is a list of 25 interesting things about me. It may be more than you want to know. :) It actually took me a long time to do this...maybe this says I am not all that interesting!! :) If you read my list you must also post one on your blog!!

25 interesting things about Kelly

1. I went to an all women’s college and loved it! I still have an amazing group of friends from college, “The Ten”. No matter what happens in life I know that one or more of them will be there to help pick me back up.
2. After my freshman year in college I did an Outward Bound trip. I spent 14 days in the woods!!!! We backpacked, canoed, rock climbed, did not take showers and worked on team building and leadership skills. We also had to do a 24 hour solo where you could not have any human contact. We had to make a make-shift tent out of supplies provided and live off of minimal food. It made a great impact on my life and how I depend (or don’t) on others.
3. Due to infertility issues, I am unable to conceive a child. We went through invitro twice and conceived once with the end result of a miscarriage. We were not actively seeking to adopt a child and an adoption agency called us. Within months we brought our precious AnnaKate home from the hospital. She was born shortly after my miscarried pregnancy due date. I do believe that God’s plan is amazing!
4. I was never a good student in K-12. I went to college and double majored in Special Education for the Hearing Handicapped and Elementary Education. I then received my Master’s degree in Elementary Education and then I earned 30 hours above my Master’s in the area of ESOL. I also became a Nationally Board Certified teacher. Not bad for a “not so good” student.
5. I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher..well since the first grade. I actually enjoy my job (90% of the time). Teaching is truly what I was meant to do.
6. I sleep walk…a lot…..enough about that.
7. I would pick dark chocolate over any other kind of chocolate. The darker and richer the better.
8. I love the domestic arts and I adore Martha Stewart. I enjoy the time it takes to make things from scratch. I would love to have an IronRite Mangle (a rotary iron).
9. Scrapbooking is one of my favorite things to do. Taking the time to find all the right accessories for a page is so much fun.
10. If I could have any job I wanted I would love to a baker or a cake decorator. Maybe work for Duff at Charm City Cakes. I also wish I was a lot better at sewing so I could do that for a living.
11. I used to be afraid of the drain in the pool and I kind’of still am.
12. I like to watch cheesy reality shows on tv. It all started with Survivior and went down hill from there.
13. I love all things monogrammed. Especially children’s clothes…I can’t get enough! My monogrammed Tervis Tumbler is a prized possession.
14. I am a little obsessive. I buy limited edition Orbit gum by the case because I am afraid I may love it and not be able to find more.
15. My favorite movie is Overboard with Goldie Hawn. I could watch it over and over.
16. My favorite drink is a vodka tonic with a splash of cranberry juice. It can cure any bad day.
17. I took my first cooking class at the age of 8. (Thanks mom…I still love to cook!)
18. I just lost 30 pounds and I am really proud of my accomplishment. I am working very hard to never gain it back.
19. I don’t like my handwriting.
20. My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough or birthday cake ice cream.
21. I love ethnic food especially Indian.
22. I still feel like I am 16 years old inside and can’t believe that I am 36.
23. I love a bargain. I get excited when I see how much I saved at the grocery store with my coupons.
24. I love mornings when I don’t have to get up and I can lie in the bed and “simmer”.
25. It really bothers me when people don’t do what they say they are going to do.

So there you have it...25 random and "maybe not so intersesting facts" about me!

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Brooke said...

I love overboard too! haha

Jennifer said...

So many comments, so little time! :)

First off, quite a few of your 25 were about food so how did you lose 30 lbs??? :) You gotta give us your secret.

I'm cracking up at the Overboard movie...I've just never heard anyone say that was their favorite movie. Too funny!

The Outward Bound trip was very interesting. I don't know that the 24 hour solo thing would have left me in a good emotional state, but you seem to be fine.

Do you tell AnnaKate how smart you are...if not, I would start...girl, you got some braggin' rights in the education area! :)

I love monogrammed things too and I'm scared of the amount of debt that will be incurred if we ever have a daughter...could get scary.

Great job Kelly...way to join the "25 Club!"

Melissa said...

Yeah Kelly,
I love your list.

I would NEVER have guessed that you did Outward Bound. I guess it makes sense because you are a very strong person.

You are a very crafty person. It is too bad that you can not show off your scrapbook pages. They are really detailed and cute.

I did not realize that AnnaKate came so soon after your miscarriage's due date. I am always amazed with the way God's plan plays out. AnnaKate is an amazing little girl and a lot of that has to do with the love and attention you and Billy give her.

Anyone that has met you knows how much you love also like get monograms for everyone around you :)

I hate my handwriting too. That explains the typed notes you send with our treats.

The weight loss thing is amazing and has inspired me. I did not eat the brownies the other day :)

The list was well worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

Love the 25! Now you have me thinking about what my 25 would be. I love Overboard too, and I can completely see how the pool drain would be scary! :)


Cindy said...

Great list! I do think we have a lot in common!

My new favorite funny website is You have to check it out and pray no cake of yours ever makes the grade to be on this site.

Myssie said...

Very interesting list!! The outward bound thing, that is pretty cool, I would not have been able to do it.

I made my list of 25 things over on my blog. It was kinda hard to think of 25 things!

Girlfrog said...

What a great list! I have to say that I was thrilled that I knew a good many of the 25. However, one of the ones I didn't know was your favorite drink and that can only mean that we haven't spent much time together "hanging out". Which makes me sad. We need to fix that! How many states are between us?

Michelle said...

I had to laugh out loud at your gum comment. I can just picture you in the checkout line with your case of gum! LOL

hollyinmd said...

My oldest friend...and I never know that you were scared of the pool drain. I guess there might be something you don't know about me, NAH!

Annette said...

Hmmm. I knew most of your 25 list! The darker the better is right...chocolate I mean! :) Can't wait to hear about Emma!!!!!!