Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

Well...we are all posting about it! It is that time again. Wasn't I just blogging about the First Days of Summer? I do get a little excited about school starting and getting back into my routine. I look forward to fall and all that goes with it...leaves, soup, holidays and traditions. So the start of school really is just a stop on the path to get to my favorite season, fall.
Today, AnnaKate started back to the Meyer Center. She has a great new teacher, Candace. The room is brand toys, new books, new furniture! New things for AnnaKate to explore. I know she is going to make great progress and I am excited to watch her grow.
AnnaKate with her new teacher, Candace. She was really busy looking around the room and not at the camera!

AnnaKate really is a very independent child. As soon as we got to school she wanted down to play with the toys and other kids.

AnnaKate also has new teachers at her nursery school. They are super sweet. They are so accommodating in letting AnnaKate come part time when she is not at the Meyer Center.

Since it was such a big day with new teachers, new friends and new rooms---we celebrated with AnnaKate's favorite, ice cream! Yummy!

The night before school starts has special place in my heart. When I was growing up I would get so nervous and upset the night before school started. I would cry and cry and tell my parents that I just was not going to be able to do it. The work would be too hard, the teacher would be mean. I did this every year without fail. It was such a hard transition for me. I find it ironic that I am now the teacher on the other side of the scenario. I have lots of compassion for those children who come in nervous on the first day of school. I will give lots of hugs tomorrow to ease their fears!

I hope the people in your life take the back to school transition well. I let you know if there are any tears for me tonight!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! Is it that time again? Tonight I feel like you did when you were a child. I just don't know that I am ready. What if the work is too hard and the KIDS are too mean? will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it. Good luck tomorrow. I'll be anxious to hear all about it!


Brooke said...

i was so happy to get her off of the bus today...even after i got yelled at! she's always so eager to learn!

Girlfrog said...

I can't believe it is that time! Your students are so fortunate to have you as their teacher. I can only hope my children have teachers as wonderful as you! Good luck!

Stephanie said...

Hi Kelly! Miss Brooke let me know that you have an Anna Kate blog and I was so excited! I love seeing pictures of how she has grown since we left Greenville!

Good luck with your school year - my little one starts Mother's Day Out tomorrow, too. It feels a little strange that I didn't hire his teacher!

I started a blog for my little ones, so feel free to come check us out too.

Stephanie Fleming

Cindy said...

How sweet! I couldn't sleep the night before school started either, but it was because I was sooooo excited!

Anonymous said...

I love the beginning of school too! Sarah was excited-Katie was nervous about going to middle school for the first time. Of course, everything turned out fine for all of us. I'm glad AnnaKate liked her new classrooms and teachers. She's a doll

Jennifer said...

Way to play with that Hummer truck, Anna Kate!! You and Max would get along just great! :)

I hope your day went well. Do you ever think about all the kids that ran home this afternoon to tell their moms about their wonderful teacher, Mrs. Weekes?! Such a huge impact you have on their lives. I can still remember every teacher of mine since kindergarten and I'm 3....

I'm a little sad hearing about the 1st day of The Meyer Center...they were like family to me. :(

Have a great week!

P.S. I just met someone else that knows you...Suzanne ??. She went to college with you, I think. Well, she and my husband grew up together in the same small town in TN and went to HS together. I tell you what, you really get around! :)