Monday, July 25, 2011

One Lucky Community


Today our community just got a little bit luckier! We have the first Boundless Playground in our state. A Boundless Playground is an inclusive playground where children of all abilities are able to play and learn together in a fun and welcoming environment. One of the best things about this project is it the community teamed up with businesses to fund this project. In a time of government cut backs this is proof what a community can do when they work together towards a common goal.

Our governor spoke at the ceremony as well as other important local officials.


To me, the most important speaker was a parent. He is disabled as well as his child and he was very emotional talking about how wonderful it will be for him to be able to join in on the fun with his child instead of watching from the sidelines. It was very touching.DSC_9748

After the ribbon cutting the children charged the playground.


My cousin’s husband, Joe, was helping AnnaKate climb up the climbing wall.


My cousin’s daughter, Elise, loved playing with AnnaKate. It was truly special to see all the children playing together in such an inclusive environment.


Elise and AnnaKate go tandem down the slides and a sweet girl helps AnnaKate get up.


Whoa AnnaKate…I was shocked when she climbed up 3 steps on this ladder!


This sweet boy got off his swing and pushed AnnaKate. It made her day…she even signed thank you to him without me prompting her!!


AnnaKate and Elise catching some air!


Back for more fun…


AnnaKate really wanted to do the twisty slide but she was apprehensive. Elise patiently waited…


With a little coaxing…she made it!


More climbing…


Obviously her confidence was up and she tried the twisty slide on her belly…


Now that is impressive!


It was a very special day today for our community.
We can’t wait to go back!


Katie said...

I love Greenville! I want to go.

Susan said...

Looks really fun! Can't wait to go with AnnaKate!

Cindy said...

What a great playground! I've heard of Boundless playgrounds but haven't seen one in person.