Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Heartfelt Thank You

This week is the last week AnnaKate will have with her speech therapist. Some therapist come and go but AnnaKate has only had one speech therapist, Melissa. Melissa began with AnnaKate in 2007 when she was one and continued on with her for the past for 4 years.

Melissa did speech in our home once a week with AnnaKate for the first year. I think her speech time was part therapy for me as well. Melissa helped me learn how to be a mom to a child with special needs, she listened to me as I dealt with issues related to AnnaKate and she cheered with us as AnnaKate made accomplishments. It is hard to believe when she first started with AnnaKate they were still doing tummy time and working on sitting up!

IMG_0943Summer 2007

Melissa also introduced us to AnnaKate’s very special school, the Meyer Center. She continued to work with AnnaKate there. She always communicated with me on how AnnaKate was progressing. She would even video her in sessions so I could see therapy. It would make my day to get a text message from her telling me the new sound that AnnaKate made that day.


October 2008


October 2009


Ladies’ Luncheon
December 2009


January 2010

October 2010

AnnaKate has made so much progress over the last 4 years with Melissa. Our family is forever grateful for her love, encouragement, smiles and caring heart.

It is so hard to say good-bye but we are happy for her to make a career change that will help her be with her family more.

Melissa…we will miss you and we love you dearly!


Melissa said...

You are too sweet. I am going to miss seeing AK everyday! She is such a hard worker and sweet child. She is always so excited to go play. I love your family and will stay in touch. Looking forward to my first phone call from AK!


Holly said...

That is so sweet, Cheers to melissa and all the therapists and teachers who are not afraid to make lasting relationships with their children!