Monday, January 3, 2011

One Little Word

It is that time again to choose One Little Word for the year. My friend, Holly and I have done this for 3 years and we really enjoy discussing which word we are going to pick and how it represents us.

As I pondered my word for this year, I read Ali Edward's blog for inspiration. She wrote about how the word must choose you. Immediately, I was drawn to balance. It struck me hard and I knew the word had chosen me. I was going to find balance in 2011!!

I went back to my previous blog entries (here and here) to see what I wrote about my word and guess what I word last year was balance! HA...I thought it was purposeful but no that was the year before. So...balance did chose me because I must not have really found it last year! :)

So here is to balance...for one more year!

I want to find
in my work, my play, my marriage, my parenting, my running, my eating, my health, my friendships, my faith and the list goes on and on.

I think I am going to work on a little craft project to find a neat way to display my word so I don't loose sight of it like I did last year. Or I could just buy one of these cute little numbers...

What will your word be?


Holly said...

Love the word. You should probably get the necklace to help keep it visible!

Brandi said...

"relax" is my word!

Girlfrog said...

You should buy a cute little number and do a craft project. There's no such thing as going overboard is there?

Anonymous said...

You know me and words. I had to look up the full definition and it struck me when you wrote that you must not have really found it last year. One of the uses of balance is something left over. So it is very appropriate that your word is balance.
How people keep balance in life as a whole is the big question for me.
Quess Who???

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Ok, I had to think about it. My word is happy. Happy when Im up in the middle of the night, happy when a kid is sick, happy when they fight, happy all the time, always treasuring the moment. As long as no on breaks their neck this year, my word is happy.

Anonymous said...

This the second post this morning that in which the word 'balance' is sticking-out to me. Perhaps I should take the hint? Barbara