Friday, January 1, 2010

My word of the year

So last year Holly challenged me to decide on a word that would drive me throughout the year. Well...she did it again this year. I couldn't even remember my word from last year (purposeful) but I did remember that half way through the year I wanted to change it to something better. So this year I did a little research on "the Word of the Year" concept and it is a pretty popular alternative to a resolution. Ali Edwards has posted about it and so has Christine Kane. Christine had a "Your Word of the Year Discovery Tool" worksheet that was very helpful in helping me pick our my word for the year. In her words, "Your word is meant to teach you about you."

So, here goes.....drum word of the year is....


Balance work,
balance play,
balance being a Christian,
balance exercise,
balance finances,
balance being a wife,
balance being a mom,
balance scrapbooking,
balance being environmentally friendly,
balance LIFE!

So happy new year to you...what will your word be?


Anonymous said...

Now you have me thinking! I am going to have to come up with a meaningful word as well.

P.S. Batman, Dave, and I did rescue your beautiful bird. I had a feeling he was yours :)


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Hmmmm? Skinny? Or Traveler?

Holly said...

I think balance is a fantastic word for you. As in "How does she balance all those plates at one time?"
It'll be perfect for you!

Girlfrog said...

That is a great word for you though I have to say that it always seems like you have a great balance on everything you do!

Bryce and I have assigned a word to the two of us this year... Doing. As in doing and finishing, doing instead of talking about it!

Anonymous said...

Balance was my word too! Great minds! Jennifer F

Terri H-E said...

That's funny, Kelly. You came to mind just yesterday when I was thinking about exactly that - balance. I thought, here's a woman who teaches (with purpose!), does the mother thing, the disability thing, the wife thing, who is creative, who blogs and who takes care of and challenges herself through running. And I am not sure where I got this idea, but I assume you are an accomplished cook, as well.

And I don't even know you well, so I am certain there is much more.

Balance is yours.

Anonymous said...

Balance seems perfect for you but as I have gotten .... more mature I can only deal with a couple of balls in the air at a time. Maybe it lack of concentration at home since I burn out at work, lack energy since I never started walking when I was supposed to at 35 lbs lost or I'm just not that interested in dealing with more things. Whatever! Hey that might be my word for 2010. WHATEVER

Guess Who?

Sari said...

Awesome! Love the idea and LOVE the word. I think I am going to have to link up to you and start thinking about a word as well. Better late than never, right?

BTW, that thought about keeping Sam home from school.. Jah, it's gone. Almost forgot how much I get done with my couple of hours a day... :)

Anonymous said...