Saturday, September 20, 2008

All better

I am knocking on wood as I write...All Better. It has been a rough week or so. AnnaKate's tonsillectomy really was tough for her to recovery from. We had lots of sleepless nights, rocking and crying (AnnaKate and me :). But today she really seems back to her old self!! Yippee!!!

Today AnnaKate and I met Cathy and Emerson downtown for Art in the Park. It was a good test for me to see how AnnaKate was feeling and if she was really ready for school on Monday. She did great! It was a perfect day and we all had fun.

*Do you notice anything about the pictures? They were taken with my new Nikon D60!! :)

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Myssie said...

I'm so glad that AK is back to her old, cute self!!

Don't you just love SLR cameras!!!??? I love mine but I am a canon girl myself! Enjoy your new camera and don't be afraid to take it off of "auto" mode!! It opens up a whole new world of photography!!

Cindy said...

Yeah! I'm glad she's recovered. Have you noticed an improvement with her sleep yet?

Melissa said...

I am so glad to her AnnaKate is doing well. I was just going to email to see if I should expect to see her on Monday.

I am offically jealous of your camera. I guess the persuading will begin at my house. My camera does not do well with action shots and we know that I will have plenty of those in the near future.

Kristi said...

Yeah AnnaKate.. So glad you are getting back to your old self. We were thinking about you during your surgery. Lots of hugs from Noah.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

The neonatologist just told us that Alex had big tonsils. I see the same surgery in our future. Im glad she is getting back to her old self.
I also am a Nikon user!!! Love the shots

Girlfrog said...

I'm so glad that things are returning to normal. Looks like she had a great time being out and about yesterday!