Monday, June 27, 2011

Beach Blast!

We just got back from a fabulous week at the beach. We all had a blast getting away from our routines.

We are fortunate enough to stay in a family friend’s wonderful home. One of my favorite parts is being with family and having lazy days. We all really missed Kinney and Wilma this year. But he was not up to make the trip.


Here is my mom and her dear friend shagging and entertaining AnnaKate.


We spent hours on the beach playing. Billy got very serious with castle and tunnel building. AnnaKate was very serious about tearing it all down.


Some days she even took her short 15 minute nap on the beach.


But mostly this is what she wanted to do. It wore us out each day. She could ride the waves constantly!



Riding the waves!

Our family friend had her great nephews over to play and AnnaKate thought it was super to have playmates.


A mermaid!


Family time is the best!



I hope you are having a relaxing summer!


Christine said...

I LOVED your family pictures!! You look great Kelly! I sure miss you. Looks like a good time was had by all and it certainly seems like AnnaKate has had a busy time at the beach.
Alyssa finishes school tomorrow so our summer is just starting- Hopefully we get some good beach time too!