Sunday, April 18, 2010

Domestic Diva

AnnaKate is a real domestic diva! I mean can you believe this get-up???

Yes, that is a toy Dyson vacuum. AnnaKate's ever-so generous Aunt "B" gave it to her for her birthday. She absolutely loves it and it is the highlight of her day to vacuum with her daddy and his Dyson. (Yes, Billy does most of the vacuuming... *delightful*)

Using some of the attachments. Notice that this cute toy has a wand just like the big one.

Dyson really has something with this vacuum...I wish it would really vacuum!


Kristi said...

AnnaKate, there is no way you can get any cuter. I love the first picture. And the pretend play is great. I can't believe she is already 4..

Melissa said...

Very cute. Toys have gotten so fancy.

Girlfrog said...

It really should vacuum... that would make it even more fun. She's adorable!

Anonymous said...

Tooo cute! Love it.

Cindy said...

Very cute! I love her housework outfit!

Natalie is able to push our (real) cordless Shark around, which vacuums. We have an older one where the handle can be made shorter (which is better for her and Konrad) and a newer one that doesn't have a shorter handle (which I use). She also loves to play with the tubes from my real vacuum, but it's more helpful for her to learn to really vacuum the crumbs around the table (there are A LOT of crumbs at our house!)

Jennifer said...

How cute is the vacuum and AnnaKate! Did you train Billy to do that or was that the reason you married him? :)