Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Days!

We never get snow in the south so a March 1st snow was a big deal! We got about 4 inches of really wet snow. The only going out in the snow that we did was to get pictures! :) Our power went out as usual and I was so pleased with my hubby's investment in that generator a few years back. It made life practically normal.

AnnaKate thought the falling flakes were pretty neat until her hair got wet! Time to go in.

See...we don't have very appropriate snow clothes...but they were cute!

My very best friend, Holly, was in town this week from DC with her kids Jackson and Miller. So we had a great play date. Jackson and AnnaKate love to be together. They enjoyed pushing each other around.
The whole crew playing together just fine. Miller is a true 2nd baby and gets right in the middle of things. (Notice AnnaKate's hat...she loves to wear hat these days.)
AnnaKate was left in the room for 1 minute with Miller!

A duet!
AnnaKate finally had her first trip to the dentist. She did great! I was shocked that they were able to clean and floss her teeth without too much of a problem. The dentist asked how flossing was going at home...uh-uhmmm...we will get right on that!

Changed my blog over to a spring design just when it snowed. Isn't that always how it is!!

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Anonymous said...

I just love the picture of you and AnnaKate in the snow. It is beautiful! I must say that I am impressed with the fact that you are so put together during these snow days. I mean, you even have these great earrings on. I am glad that I didn't see you that day. I still had my bathrobe on WITH my jacket on top of that. No earrings or makeup. I think we need to purchase one of those fabulous generators!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I cant beleive she did so well at the dentist! What a big girl!
Love the snow pictures.

Terri H-E said...

I'm glad someone still enjoys snow...I am SO done with it. Addie isn't, though.

AnnaKate is precious. Thanks for visiting Addie's blog. I had been meaning to add a link to yours to the my RTS family list...your comment reminded me to do it!

Enjoy the snow while we enjoy near 60 degree temps today!

Brandi said...

You make me smile AnnaKate! Great job at the dentist.

Girlfrog said...

Flossing? Children? Oops! I'm so glad you guys got snow! I'm sure you had a great time with Holly and the boys and are sad to see her go!

Kim said...

I love your new blog design. Amanda's is great too. I think you girls need to teach me some stuff. Loved the snow pictures. Anna Kate is so cute. We didn't get any pictures. Payton had the flu during the power outage...yuck...and then Mike and I got it this week. It has NOT been fun.

The Green Family said...

Love the snow pictures! We didn't have the appropriate clothing either.

Flossing? I'm lucky to get Brady's four little teeth brushed well. :)

Cindy said...

Jealous of the snow...we were going to go to the mountains this weekend, but with all the warm weather, the snow would be too icy to be fun. Natalie will have her first dentist appointment next month, I think...I hope it goes as well as AK's did!