Sunday, February 26, 2012

Will She Ever Talk?

Christmas 2011 4

When AnnaKate was first diagnosed with Rubinstein Taybi syndrome my thoughts often obsessed over this question. I know family members think about it a lot and strangers ask it very bluntly.

Will she ever talk??????

AnnaKate will be 6 in April and I have truly stopped worrying about what I can’t control. (Insert my mother’s applause here…) I used to really worry about not hearing my child’s voice, her inability to tell me what hurts or what she loves, and not hearing her say I love you. But as AnnaKate has grown, she has learned to communicate. She signs, gestures, uses communication systems (iPad, books, pictures, etc.) and does speak a few words. AnnaKate has taught us that speech is not the most important thing, communication is. She has a voice, it just may not sound like ours.

We are seeing lots of improvement in the area of communication which is exciting to see. Her SLP had me compile a list of her words and I was shocked at how many she does have.

Frequent good quality words spoken

T-T (grandmother)
poo poo


Beau (ba)
yes (ya)
grandaddy (gadada)
walk (wawa)
t t (trot)
Caroline (Kuh Kuh)
Sheila (ela)
Earline (E)
Eli (E-Lie)
yaya (more or be determined)Letters (ABCDEFGHIKLMOPRSTW)
book (kuh)
crate (tuh)
AnnaKate (tuh)
potty (papa)
soap (o)
gymnsatics (tics)
yoga (ga)

AnnaKate has a huge signing vocabulary. She picks up signs very quickly (thanks Signing Times…) and sometimes even creates her own.

So, to answer the question…”Will she ever talk?”---Yes, she WILL communicate!


Holly said...

Sure she talks, it is just up to us as to if we are willing to listen to what she is saying. She has been talking longer than she has been speaking. remeber when she was about 2 and she would "read" a book? Good stuff!

Jacqui said...

I love your attitude! AK is really blessed to have a mother like you! Praying that the communication continues to grow in diversity and depth, that AK continues to surprise all who know her with her opinions and thoughts on things.

Kay said...

I just discovered your blog today. This is the first post that I've read. My Samuel, 2 years old was diagnosed with RTS at birth. I must say, I relate totally with the "Will she ever talk?" question. I, however, have not reached the point that you have in not worrying. It would be nice to hear him say "Mama" among other things. It is very difficult for me at times to not know what hurts or what he wants. I applaud you, (along with your mother) and ask, "HOW??" How do you get to the point where you don't worry about it anymore?

Cindy said...

Wow, that's a lot of words! I'd say she is talking...and she is definitely communicating. Go AK!