Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hard work pays off...

Hard work does pay off and boy have we been working hard for 3 years!

Therapy for special needs children is hard work. In the beginning I was frustrated that we were not seeing results fast enough. I then realized that our results came in small increments. AnnaKate receives speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, early intervention therapy and therapeutic horseback riding. This does not include all the therapy related play we do at home! AnnaKate has to work so much harder to see results but boy they are coming.

Thanks to great therapists, AnnaKate can...
correctly say, mama, dada, ball, tail and hi.
She has lots of other word approximations.

She can also do tons of other things...take off her clothes, smile really cute, put on her shoes and socks, correctly point to body parts (including hair bow...), communicate to get her needs met, identify some of her colors and she can always identify the letter A (because it is usually monogrammed on her shirt...)

If you have an RTS child or a special needs child....hold on...results are coming. Keep blowing those bubbles and doing that therapy~it does work. And in these economic times, push your lawmakers to continue to fund therapy for your child.

Hard work does pay off!

AnnaKate began saying hi yesterday at melted my heart! A huge thanks to AnnaKate's speech language pathologist that has been with her for 3 years. Her persistence and hard work are finally paying off BIG! We love you Melissa~



Myssie said...

oh, her sweet little voice just made me cry! Thanks for sharing Kelly.

Anna said...

LOVE that sweet little proud for AnnaKate!

Melissa said...

I LOVE IT!!! Tears in my eyes. Can't wait to hear it in person.

Anonymous said...

So precious! I am so proud of her. I am proud of you too, Mama! You work hard too! AK is so lucky!-Georgia

cheryl said...

What an awesome video!!! We are always so proud of all Anna Kate does!! She is a hard little worker:)

Anonymous said...

That sweet video makes me smile so much! Taylor keeps asking to watch it again and again. He was smiling the entire time. He can't wait to play with her soon! Way to go, AnnaKate

Cassie and Taylor

Anonymous said...

Wooo-Hooo! Emerson was SO excited and said, "Mommy, she said HI to me!!" This is the best. Thank you for sharing these special moments and big accomplishments. Love you AK and Kelly!

Girlfrog said...

Fantastic! She's amazing (as are you and Billy!).

Jilly Beanz Thingz said...

That's wonderful! Baby steps are still steps. I know we all forget that with our children... She is such a cute little thing!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Growing up! Love this girl so much! Cant wait for her to tell us hi in a week!!!!
I love that hair bow is considered a body part:)

Kelly said...

She is doing amazing! Keep on rockin' AnnaKate! Tell her we say "hi"! Kelly F

Cindy said...

Amen, sister! Therapy is hard work, but it does pay off. I'm so proud of you AK!