Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Wow...what a fun Halloween! AnnaKate was a Queen Bee this year. She was just precious!! A big thanks to my mom for helping me with the costume.

A fallen bee...

One of my most favorite Halloween traditions is the Meyer Center Trunk of Treat. The community and the Meyer Center do such a nice job hosting this for the kids.
AnnaKate and her "Super SLP"...(speech language pathologist)...

Dogs are AnnaKate most favorite thing in sad she does not have one for herself!!

Joining in with her class.

Hmmm...what is in that bag??!!!

We went trick or treating at AnnaKate's grandparent's, George and Luckit's.
Again...the best part was seeing Dean!

Then we went to her great grandparent's house...Kenny and SweetCakes.

Boy was she pooped....but we still had neighbors to visit!!!

We had such a fun time visiting friends and family!

Side note...on Halloween I ran in another 5K. I was so excited because I beat my last 5K time by almost 1 minute. I finished at 25:56. Bring on the half marathon in December....


Melissa said...

Way to go Kelly. 25 MINUTES! You are a rock star!

Love the pictures. The cosutme was great.

Kerri H said...

Way to go Kelly! AK is adorable as always and by the way..we have two male westies and AK is welcome to come visit them both anytime..Logan LOVES his brothers very much!!! Great costume! Happy Halloween!

Melissa Parris said...

AnnaKate's costume is amazing!!! Glad she had a good Halloween. I love the pic of her back as she sits in the fall leaves--BEAUTIFUL!

Brooke said...

she is getting so big.

I LOVE her costume!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking AK needs a puppy friend...hmm...a little "Buddy," perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 5K.

She is adorable and esp as a bee! The photos are amazing and a joy to see. Looks like your family had a FUN Halloween!

Girlfrog said...

Great pictures Kelly! The costume is so darling!

(Why are depriving this child of a sweet dog???)

Brandi said...

Beautiful AK! You did an amazing job on her talented.

Congrats on improving your 5k time!

Anonymous said...

She is sooo cute! She can buzz in my garden any time!


Anonymous said...

I had to wait all weekend to see the photos but they were well worth it. The pouting picture is my favorite.

Guess Who?

Way to go on the running!!! I need motivation on just walking!?!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

What do you mean thanks to your mom??? You made your costumes also? You and Myssie! I suck!

Love the pictures!

Kelly said...

Way to go on the 5K! I need to run a 5K soon! Love the pics! So glad I get to see them on facebook and your blog! I can't get enough of her! Kelly F

Christine said...

She's the most precious, adorable sweet queen bee I ever saw! Nice job on the costume. Thanks for sharing them. It sure makes me miss you though. Why can't we all live in the same city??