Saturday, October 10, 2009


Our amazing, adorable, angel
AnnaKate did it!!!

She slept with Cindy the CPAP last night-at full pressure-ALL night.
We have been acclimating AnnaKate to the CPAP mask for over a month and she has slept for an hour or so with Cindy at low pressure but last night she amazed us.
After a rocky sleep study, I was unsure what she would do. But our little trooper pulled it out for us. She was so happy this morning when she woke up...I guess she finally got a full night sleep!

After a full day of errands and a birthday party, AnnaKate spiked a fever today. She wanted to nap so I put Cindy on her and she even napped with her on. I hope things continue to go this well!

I am unsure about this random fever...a few friends' kids have had it too. Fine all day then a fever in the late afternoon/evening. I hope it is nothing.

Here are some pics of AnnaKate resting and waiting for her Tylenol to kick in. It kicked in in about 15 minutes and she was back to being silly. :) I hope the fever does not come back...I hate it when AnnaKate is sick!!


Cindy said...

Congratulations! That seemed like an impossible achievement, but she did it!

Girlfrog said...

That is so amazing! Isn't it funny how sometimes the very thing we think is going to be horrible turns out to be not so bad?

I hope she feels better soon!

Holly said...

Way to go AK! I have to say that I LOVE tyhe way she has her foot on Billy's foot!

Jacqui said...

Wow that is such good news. Go AK!

Kelly said...

I am so glad she did so well and feels great in the morning after a good night of o2. She is adorable in the pumpkin patch pictures!! Kelly F

Anonymous said...


That is awesome. Hope all continues to go well. Love you all!

Kerri H said...

Our adorable AK did it! Congrats! I hope she's feeling better soon! Logan and I (well Logan) is home sick today..he was running a low fever yesterday..just a cold/runny nose! By the way..AK is just sweetie! I love reading about her..she's doing great!

Christine said...

EXcellent! So glad to hear that things went well for her through the night. I hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, AnnaKate! I am so glad that you and Cindy are getting along so well. You never cease to amaze me you precious princess. Take care and tell your mom that we need to walk soon. We let Sunday come and go and no walk at all. Taylor misses you. We need to have a play date soon!


Sawyer said...

I'm so glad things went well with Cindy, I bet a good night's sleep makes all of the difference. Here's to hoping her fever goes away!

Joann said...

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Angel said...

Way to Go Anna Kate!!! I am glad that it went so well!!!

Anne said...

Way to go, Anna Kate!

Also, Kit has those same pajamas, and my twins still insist that Anne Kate's name is actually Anna Cake.

Today when we picked Archie up at school they yelled down the hall at your daughter, who was seated in a red wagon near the wall where she was waiting to get on the bus. "Hi, Anna Cake! Hello there, Anna Cake!" Loved it.