Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jessica's Blog Baby Shower

My dear friend, Jessica, is having a baby!! She is one great mama to AnnaKate's friend and RTS brother, Alex. We can't all be with Jessica so we are having a Blog Baby Shower for her. How much fun!! As I type this I am enjoying the virtual cake, punch and delicious food. I am so glad we don't have to play those silly diaper smelling games!

This is Jessica's fourth child so she is going to need some gear to help corral all these little ones. Thankfully Joel and Noah are older so they can help out. Maybe we should give Jessica a roll of quarters so she can pay the boys to do things like change diapers and make bottles. That would be helpful, right?!? Instead of hiring child labor, some other RTS mommies (Christine, Kelly and Myssie) and I decided that Jessica needed a great sling to carry baby number four in. Our gift to Jessica is a gift card to purchase a Kangaroo Korner Baby Sling. She can pick out the right color when the baby comes...I know it is going to be a girl but she swears it will be another boy. We will have to wait and see!


We love you and are so excited for you and your family! Joel, Noah, Alex and baby number four are so lucky to have you as their mama!

Christine, Kelly F., Myssie and Kelly W.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

just what I wanted!!!! I miss you girls soooo much! Thank you so much for this sling!!!! I can't wait to be all put together wearing a baby, tube feeding a baby, all with my hair done, make up on and relaxed and chill!!!!! Thanks to this sling of course!!! I love you all so much!!!!

Chris and Emily said...

Hey kelly. I linked over to your blog from jessica's blog...I saw your email on her baby shower blog( which i missed because our computer has been crashed!!) and just had to pop over. I "met" jessica through our blogs... i have a son who was diagnosed with a fatal form of dwarfism at our 20 week ultrasound and we were told he would not live more than a few hours at birth. he's 17 months old now and our little miracle. i have so connected with jessica through her journey even though our situations aren't exactly the same.
Anyway, i had to write because I noticed from your email address that you live in greenville and so do I. In fact, I used to teach in Greenville too( at the washington center) and when i popped over to you blog to see if i knew you, I also recognized your friend Marsha( we went to Clemson together though we haven't kept in touch). Small world.

Anna kate is adorable. Your story is beautiful. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Does she ever receive therapy at kidnetics... i feel like she looks familiar too...but maybe it's just cuz she's so crazy cute!!

Anonymous said...

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