Saturday, July 4, 2009


* Happy Fourth of July! We are going to spend the day at the City Market, by the pool and grilling out with my grandparents. Here are some picture of AnnaKate at the pool yesterday with her new "float". She really likes it! She feels a little more independent which she likes. We start mom and tot swim lessons next week. I will let you know how those go!! :)

*Last week we had a play date with Taylor. AnnaKate loves Taylor and Cassie and she especially loves their dog, Baxter. He gave her lots of kisses!

Taylor playing with play dough and AnnaKate loving on Baxter!

Taylor and AnnaKate giving Cassie hugs.

*Last week we went to have our yearly appointment with the geneticists. Since this is a relatively new profession, many people don't understand what they do. The geneticists try to put the pieces of the puzzle together. They look at a persons anomalies (a strange or unique occurrence) and put them together with test results or other data to try and diagnose an issue. It can be overwhelming to go to a geneticist for the first time. They will point out everything that is "wrong" with your child. Most of the things don't mean anything...but some certain anomalies can match up and lead to the diagnosis of a syndrome. In AnnaKate's case, her thumbs, hair, small stature, facial features and a whole host of other small things is what led to her diagnosis. I told our doctor on this visit how much I appreciated how he gave us our diagnosis. He has a child with cerebral palsy and he was able to put a personal spin on it and it did not seem so devastating. Some people have horror stories on how they got a diagnosis. When you receive your report from the geneticist, you have to go to google to decipher all that has been written. I have gotten pretty good with the lingo. Yesterday, I got the report in the mail and I stood in the driveway as I read it. I thought about how different I feel now than I did when I got the first report, which I really did not even read because it hurt to bad to read all of those things. This current letter made me smile, here are a few of my favorite parts:
*Today I met with AnnaKate, a delightful and engaging 3 year old.
*She is doing extraordinarily well.
*She is in the 50th percentile based on the RTS growth chart.
*In every way her family is doing a top-notch, super-duper job.
Our doctor did recommend another hearing test and another sleep study. I don't want to do another sleep study but it is necessary. I really love seeing our geneticist!!

*AnnaKate is doing some cute things right now. We have been working on blowing kisses. She could not figure out how to make the kissing sound so she started putting her fingers in her mouth and pulling them out to making the sound. What a cute girl! It always makes me smile when she does it because it exhibits problem solving skills.

Have a great holiday weekend!


Christine said...


I am thrilled that your letter from the geneticist was so positive. It makes a difference. I found it even more interesting that he compared her on the RTS Growth chart. I'm really going to have to push the Dr's up here to do that.
So happy for you and AnnaKate looks quite comfortable in the water, those floaties look awesome. I really need to find one for Nathan. Where did you buy it or what's the brand name, perhaps I can order it online?
Have fun with your grandparents and Happy 4th of July!

Kelly said...

I hope Max likes his new floatie as much as AnnaKate and Will. She looks in love with the water! Next year she will be riding a Taz boogie board! Kelly F

Jacqui said...

I love that floater thing - it really seems to help AnnaKate be stable and secure in the water. She seems thrilled.

I appreciated your sharing about your journey around interaction with the geneticist and how you have grown in peace and acceptance of AK's syndrome. It is so good to stop and look back and see how far you have come. It gives us all hope as we look to the future knowing that one day we will look back and again be amazed at how far we have come.

Brandi said...

Darling ladybug floaty, where did you find it? I like that it keeps her head out of the water.

I'm happy that you are happy with her latest report. It is very evident that you are INCREDIBLE parents. Nathan's developmental pediatrician told me lately that we will get out of Nathan whatever we put into him. Anna Kate is a result of you pouring your life into her, she is doing so well!

Anonymous said...

We had such a great time with you guys. We are looking forward to Tuesday's play date. What a fun time!


Girlfrog said...

You all have come so far since AnnaKate was born! Love the ladybug!

Cindy said...

Happy 4th to you too! What an excellent geneticist to write so caringly!

Anonymous said...


Happy 4th to you all! I LOVE AK's float! She is just too cute!

I loved our Geneticist in Montgomery too - his report always started with positives and it makes such a difference!

Thanks for your comments - will send out a ntoe for ladies night soon. I could SO use one!

Anonymous said...

AK is so adorable! What a fun, cute little girls she is. And thank you for sharing your journey. I know it must be a great support to your other mom friends.

Anonymous said...

AK is soooo cute! I love that ladybug float, her precious smile, and those cute little feet sticking up out of the water! All around she is just plain cute!


Myssie said...

She looks so cute with her ladybug!! I am glad that the genetics appointment went so well!!

Kerri H said...

I just love AnnaKate..she's just such a doll!! SHe always brings a a smile to my face!!! Glad to hear things are going well!!! Hugs..

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so late.......Love the pool pics!
What a difference a year makes in accepting this journey!

Love you!!!

Anna said...

Love the pool pics - they're so cute! And I'm with you on "reveling" on the nice comments from the geneticists - it truly does make a difference to hear such great things from your childs doctor!